Cheung Family Album


We go to the Moon


New Year Trip to Aruba (Facebook)

Carnival 66 in Aruba (Facebook)

Antique phone

Antique Volt Meters

Antique Radio

COVID isolation album (Facebook)


RRM3 award at JSC
RRM3 award at JSC (Facebook)

Trip for Aruba Carnival (Facebook)

Aruba for Mom's birthday (Facebook)

Trip to LA (Facebook)

Launch of NG-11 rocket to ISS (Facebook)

Trip to FL (Facebook)

Fall trip in PA (Facebook)

Summer trip to Aruba (Facebook)

Work in Arizona for JPSS (Facebook)

Thanksgiving in Mass (Facebook)


New Year trip to Aruba (Facebook)

Eiffel Tower
Trip to Europe

Work trips to FL (Facebook)

Trip to Aruba (Facebook)

Lantern Festival (Facebook)

Trip to JSC (Facebook)

Libra-UL-R repair

Trip to LA (Facebook)

Houston (Facebook)

LA + Vegas Trip (Facebook)

The Great American Solar Eclipse


The Bat Mobile (RIP)

Spring break in Florida (Facebook album)

The new car (Facebook album)

Keynote speech at the 2016 graduation
of International School of Aruba (Facebook album)

Houston trip in June 2016
June trip to Houston and the Johnson Space Center (Facebook album).

Multiple trips to Los Angeles (Facebook albums)
Equinox, Summer, Fall.

silver anniversary in aruba
25th anniversary celebration

Thanksgiving at Universal and Disney
Thanksgiving at the Florida theme parks (Facebook album)

Poets anniversary award event (Facebook album)

Christmas in Maryland (Facebook album)


Spring Trip to New Orleans.

san diego trip
Trips to San Diego and the Kennedy Space Center (April)

Summer 2015 in Aruba
Summer trip to Aruba (Facebook album)

TEDxAruba (September)

Green Aruba 6 album on Facebook
Green Aruba VI conference (Facebook album)

skatezone screensnap
Our skating video is featured on the front page of our rink's web site.

Summer trip to Aruba.


Christmas in Aruba
Winter in Aruba

Zero G mission
Zero-G flight

Paris from Arc the Triomph
Vacation in Paris

Thanksgiving in Disney World


Discovery at UH
Arrival of Discovery at National Air and Space Museum

Trip to Canada

Summer trip to Aruba

Atlantis retirement
Atlantis Retirement at Kennedy Space Center


STS-135 launch
STS-135 mission

Colorado Family Vacation

at Epcot
Central Florida Vacation

Cheung Center for Innovation
Unveiling of Center for Innovation

2011 Christmas letter


New Year holiday in Aruba

Aruba Lion
The Aruba Lion

NASA Excellence Engineering Achievement Medal
NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

st peter square
Cheung Family trip to Italy

summer in aruba
Summer trip to Aruba

Green Aruba Conference
Green Aruba I Conference
aruba 2009
New year vacation in Aruba

2009 Lego League Contest

2009 in Florida
2009 Florida Vacation

SM-4 Hubble Servicing Mission

Baltimore Orioles Game with the STS-125 astronauts.

Summer Holiday in Aruba

2009 Christmas Letter


at the aruba marriott pool
New Year Holiday in Aruba

avon walk
Agnes' Avon Walk

Summer Vacation in Florida

in airlock
Visit to Space Shuttle Atlantis

Endeavour visitors
Preparations for Fourth Servicing Mission to Hubble (SM4)

2008 Family Christmas letter


Publication in Hubble Science Year in Review

Arizona Vacation

Inline techniques I

Inline techniques II

The Waltz Jump


New Year Holiday in Aruba

Year long photo album

My brother's 40th Birthday in Boston

Two+ weeks in Colorado


New Year Holiday

CN Tower Visit

Virginia Beach

Mom's visit for Cherry Blossoms

Space Shuttle Pinball Machine

Summer in Aruba and the opening of the Research Center

Disney World trip


New Year Holiday

Christopher's HC
Christopher's First Holy Communion

Visit to Shenandoah Mountains and Skyline Drive

Visit to Story Land in Conway, New Hampshire

Summer visit to Aruba

Pittsburgh Visit

Christopher's 8th birthday party

Visit to Philadelphia

Airplane Ceiling Fan

Christmas season

Hubble Robotic Mission


New year holiday in Aruba

Record breaking storm of President's day 2003

The Silver Snoopy Award

Cherry Blossom and my nephew's Baptism

Storyland Theme Park

Busch Gardens & Colonial Williamsburg

Aruba vacations (two)

Disney World with the whole gang


New Year vacation in Aruba

SM3B mission

Disney World vacation

Stephanie's Ninth Birthday

Colorado Vacation

Visit by Zizi Lee

Thanksgiving in Boston

Disney World (again)


Stephanie's First Holy Communion

Shuttle Astronauts Visit

Christopher's 5th birthday.

Visit to Aruba


Daily Occasions (kids birthdays)

2000 Disney World Pictures

Visit with Hubble Astronauts (SM3A Crew) 


Hubble Servicing Mission

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