President's day storm of 2003

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From warm Aruba, we go to snowy Maryland.  On February 17, 2003, we had a huge snowfall along the Eastern Seaboard.
This historic storm broke records for snowfall in Baltimore, MD.  It was the most snow for any storm in history.
The official total for Baltimore is 26 inches for this storm.

In our local area, we received 20 inches of snowfall.  This photo of a yard stick near the end of the storm.
After this was shot, we received another two inches the next morning.

The snow started falling on Sunday morning (2/16) around 2am, coming down at around one inch per hour.
By 10 am, we had about 7-8 inches, and we went out to clear the driveway for the first time.
As the snow continued to fall that day, we would go out periodically in order to keep up with
the accumulation.  In all, over the period of two days, we went out about 6 times,
clearing about half a foot every time.

The above picture is the result near the end of the storm.  As you can see, we were
completely covered in snow.  Here you can see my daughter trying to crawl on her hands and knees in order
to not sink into the soft stuff.  In certain places the snow was three feet deep!  It was a tremendous amount of work
for us out (Agnes hurt her back on a fall the week before).  My back was  hurting quite a bit after that.

Note the new car in the garage.  A month before, we picked up our new 2003 Honday Odyssey EX minivan (1/20/03).

Right near the house, all the snow falls from the roof into a pile.  Here it
accumulated to her height, about three feet.

My son got sick, so he had to spend the storm indoors.  He had a cough and a cold.
Notice the snowdrift outside on the deck got to almost his height.

View out of the above window;
it was nice to stay in for a few days and look out at the snow and wild life.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center was closed two days in a row (Code Red),
and the kids were off from school also.  With the President's Day holiday, we spent
almost the whole week at home.  The gray overcast skies did not make for great pictures,
but it was a beautiful, serene scene during the storm.

During the storm, temperatures were as low as 18 F during the day.  With the blowing snow,
many birds took advantage of our feeder in the back, including this and other cardinals.

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