2003 Pictures

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On March 25, 2003 I received my Silver Snoopy award.

We have made it an annual tradition to the Tidal Basin when the Japanese Cherry Blossoms are blooming in Washington, DC.
We packed a picnic basket, and had hot chocolate as the day we breezy and cold.  The cherry blossoms were beautiful as

We had a great time that day despite the chilly weather.

My nephew's Baptism

On August, 2003 we baptised my nephew in Pittsburgh PA at the
United Methodist Church

We were all happy to be there along with the Sens from Pittsburgh, PA

The day before we celebrated the 60th birthday of Auntie R's, Mrs Teenya Jenks
at the Settler's Cabin State Park.

We toured the city of Pittsburgh, PA.  This is the view from Mount Washington.

In front of the dancing fountains.

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