The Silver Snoopy Award

On March 25, 2003 I received my Silver Snoopy award.  This unexpected
honor was for my efforts during the SM3B Hubble Servicing Mission.
It is awarded personally by a member of the astronuat crew.  I could only
have received this award by working on the Hubble Space Telescope
due to the tremendous team of coworkers that I have.

More about the Silver Snoopy here.

This surprise award is in the form of a Sterling Silver pin and certificate.  It was pinned by Astronaut John Grunsfeld,
who installed the NCS radiator and the ARUBA.  The pin shows Snoopy in a space suit
(picture at the top of this web page).

Posing with the award along with John (left) and Frank Cepollina (right), head of the Hubble Space Telescope Development Project.

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