2009 First Lego League Tournament

Learning Robotics with Legos

This year, Christopher's school formed a team to participate in the First Lego League Tournaments. It is an activity where young school-aged children learn to solve problems with a robotic kit composed of Legos, sensors and a Lego motion control computer.  These are programmed on a PC, and the program is downloaded into the motion controller.

Overall shot of the task board.  The robot must be started in the nearby
rectangle, and needs to complete as many of the 16 missions as possible.
This year's mission theme was environmental and global climate.

At a preliminary scrimmage, we were able to obtain valuable competition

This is a video of Christopher's mission and robot.

The solving of problems with Legos and the environmental project that they completed (rain barrels solve runoff problems) was a tremendous learning experience.  On Jan 31 2009, they went to the State Finals.  There were 82 teams there from all over the state.  It is rare that a rookie team such as ours does well, but we were able to win one of the 15 trophies awarded.

Here is the entire team posing with the trophy.

The team appeared in local paper "Bowie Blade"

We thank the DeBurgos for their weekly hospitality and their coaching of the team.

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