Crew and Cabin visit

Senator Glen
Meeting Senator and Astronaut John Glenn.
He is a Payload Specialist during STS-95. Full size.

STS-95 Crew
The crew of STS-95. Full size.

Links to the crew (shown from left to right above):

During integration into Discovery, I had the opportunity to enter the crew cabin (cockpit) of the Shuttle. It consists essentially of two rooms: the mid deck, and the flight deck. The flight deck is, as the name implies, the control center for the spacecraft. During launch, four of the seven members of STS-95 sit in the flight deck, and its size is about the interior of a tall minivan. The other room, the mid deck is the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom of the Shuttle. The mid deck has only about twice as much room as the flight deck. This is where the three remaining crew members sit during launch. Note that there are no windows in the mid deck, so the latter three crew members have no view of the ride into orbit. Overall, the crew cabin is very small and crammed full of switches and indicators.

When you enter the access hatch (see picture below), you enter the mid deck first. While on the pad, the Shuttle points with its nose up, so the 'floor' will be on the left. Thru a small access corridor, you enter into the flight deck on the right.

Access hatch
Before entry into the crewcabin of the Shuttle Discovery.
Holding a miniature Aruban flag. Full size.Second view.

Installing PGSE
Installing the PGSE computer in the crew cabin. The computer
is sitting on my lap in this picture. This is one of
the Shuttle computers that talks to the HOST Controller.
This picture taken in the mid deck.Full size

In the pilot seat
Sitting in the starboard seat (for the pilot) in the Shuttle crew cabin
while sitting on the launch pad. Note that the crew sits with their
backs level with the ground when the Shuttle is sitting on the pad.
Note also that the ring on my finger has been taped up. All items
that can come loose on your body must be secured.Full size

Standard Switch Panel
The power control panel for our cradle in the aft flight deck.
Note the word 'HOST' and the four switches marked
'FMDM PWR A and B' and 'HTR PWR A and B'. The red circle
is where the fire extinguisher nozzle is pushed thru in
case of fire behind the panel. Full size

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