Starting the year 2009 in...

We spent the change to the New Year 2009 in Aruba.

Some of Agnes' nieces and nephews.

Here we are with the members of the Ling family, they are owners of a huge supermarket
"Ling and Sons" on the island.

Mom with some of her grand kids.

We visited Agnes' Mom for Christmas.

Here is Agnes with some of her Aunts, Mom and Grand Mom.

The girls are helping out with making "Paw's".

Here is the result of all the kneeding.  Messy hands!

The finished results before steaming.  Yumm!

Visiting Uncle Chee Chong at the RC flying field.  He
dazzled us with his flying prowess.

One of many ice cream stops this trip.  This time at Baskin Robbins.
Minutes after this photo was taken, I would receive a phone call that I
was being considered for the knighthood from the Queen of Netherlands.

In the pool at the Dutch Village.  It has a nice waterslide and a very big pool.

A new restaurant is the Hard Rock Aruba.  We did not go in, but did pose for this pict.

Another ice cream stop!  This time for Italian Gelato at Amici's.

One of many big dinners at Ah Mah's.

After dinner...."Everybody Dance Now".

Ah Mah's chickens in the back yard.

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