Family room 320x240Family room 640x480
Our family room, these are the two image sizes of my digital camera.
320 x 240 (left) and 640 x 480 (right).

Children picts
Christopher on his little bike

Children picts
Stephanie at dinner time 9/2/98

Children picts
Stephanie and her 'Rexy' dinosaur

Children picts
Christopher at breakfast 9/3/98


Nicole's Baptism

Nicole is my niece, the daughter of my sister Lydia. She was baptised on a few days after Thanksgiving 1998.

Nicole at her baptism, held by her Daddy, Ali.

Nicole with Mom and Grandmother.

The proud father holding his daughter.

All the little cousins that were there.

Christopher reading his train book.

At the HOST Mission Launch Party.  This took place a few days
before STS-95 at the Patrick Air Force Base Officer's Club.


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