Silver Anniversary in Aruba

We celebrate with family and friends our 25th anniversary

We married on Aruba in 1991.

We started our anniversary trip at the beautiful "Windows on Aruba" restaurant
at the Divi Resorts.  One of Mom's favorite places.

We had a great dinner of Seabass, our favorite entree there.

They prepared a special dessert for us.

While we were on the island, the night blooming "Dama di Anochi" was blooming
in Mom's yard and everywhere else.

Lydia was beautiful as ever and Ali was fit and handsome.

We celebrated Peter's birthday also that week.

We met and danced to two of the island's luminary music artists Claudius Philips and Cesar Olarte.

The head table on the night of the anniversary celebration.  The colored lights were
from an order that Stephanie mistakenly placed but they turned out to be a great

The hall after we decorated it.  The turned out so amazing and we did as a family effort.

Although we had been planning the event for months, the venue fell through a few days before the big event. This was a big dismay for us.  We had two days to put together a new location. We had no hall, no sound system etc. Thanks to help from family and friends we pulled together a beautiful event.
We want to thank High Performance (Monique Gross-Ho and Kofung Ho) for loaning us the great sound and light system. SiviDivi (Michelle Wu and Kim Wu) for the delicious catering. Oranjestad Laundry (May Reitz, Calvin Lim, Natalie Lim) for the table covering, Roland Kock and Rita Kock Soto for the delicious salad, Loida Kock for the beautiful cake, Jossy Kock for the attentive wait staff, Eldwin Kock and Edmarc Kock for the fun DJ, Michael Farro for the chair covering, photos by Poets Show and Rosalie Klein, and the New China Club for providing their huge hall with three days notice.
Thank you to my siblings for their hard work in just a few days. Peter Cheung my main man, and Lydia Alipour my beautiful sister for her constant hard work. We danced all night and had a great celebration and it shows what family can do when we work together.

Aggie's nephews (Edmarc and Eldwin) were the DJs.  Here is the latter
with Roland's boys.

A rare picture with all of Agnes' siblings.

With Nicole and her beautiful daughters.

We had a truly beautiful evening with all of our siblings
family and friends.

Agnes also had little chocolates made for the evening.

My favorite image of the evening.

We had a full page in the newspaper the next day.

This was the newspaper page featuring us on the day we married.

Stephanie with a small sample of Mom's orchids.

As usual, we paid our respects to my Dad and grandparents on this trip.

We 'discovered' a new natural pool on the north side of the island.
Near the Bushiribana gold smelter ruins.

At the end of this vacation, we shot a professional photo on the beach at sunset.
Celebrate life!


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