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Thanksgiving in Massachusetts

We traveled to Boston for Thanksgiving to spend it with my brother and sister.
It was also the first time we met my new nephew the new son of my brother.

My kids meeting Jaden for the first time.

Ah-Mah with all her grandchildren.

Dinner in Boston China Town.  My son posing with this really big Alaskan King Crab....

The crab was just deeelicious.

After we arrived at sister's house in MA, it snowed about 4 inches.  We went sliding on a local
hill.  We had a great time, and the view was spectacular.

I cooked the turkey this year at my sister's using a new "brining" recipe.  The turkey
turned out really good.  Very moist but crisp on the outside.

My sister organized some arts and craft such as the making of the table mats for the dinner.
The kids were really engrossed in this activity.

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