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Disney Trip - Fall 2002

We decided to return to Disney for the second time in 2002 since we purchased Disney Annual Passes during the SM3B mission in
February 2002.  This time, we decided to stay "inside Disney" for the first time.  The place we chose to stay in was the budget-priced All Star Music

At the All-Star Music Resort, some wings are decorated with oversized
articles of clothing like this top-hat and batton.

The hat may be big, but it still fits on my son's head!

After a quick breakfast, we hit the park!

My kids got the opportunity to ride in the front cab of the
monorail.  As you can see, it was a bit rainy on that day.

The theme around the Park was the "100 Years of Magic", celebrating the
100th birthday of Walt Disney.

Main Street USA was decorated for the holidays.  Christopher was not exactly in the mood for a picture, he was eager to explore.

Boys and their toys.  My son liked driving the small race cars in tomorrow land.

During previous visits, we were thoroughly entertained by this talking trash can on wheels.
It is remotely controlled and runs around the Park cracking jokes and surprising people.
This time, we figured out who runs "PUSH" the rolling trashcan.  His master is in the
background with the white baseball cap.  He controls the PUSH by the joystick in
his shoulder bag.  Very cute!

My daughter really liked the Swiss Family Tree House.

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