Florida and Disney 2002 Vacation

We combined our stay in Florida for the SM3B mission with a multi-day visit to our favorite amusement park.  Disney World was celebrating the 100th
anniversary of the birth of their founder, Walt Disney.  Some special decorations adorned the park for the occasion.

One of the decorations in the park was a giant Mickey Sorcerer hat.  My daughter appears to be wearing it here....

....but as you can see, in typical Disney fashion, the hat is HUGE, a few stories tall.

My daughter used the autograph book put together by her by my sister to get mementos from Disney characters.

You gotta have a visit with the Chairman of the Board, Mickey.

We never miss the Hunchback of Notre Dame show.

Honey, I shrunk the kids.

When tired, my son can sleep anywhere. Here he is in our hotel room.

Mom and Gideon Chong joined us in Florida a few days before the launch.  After the launch we went to Disney MGM
and had dinner at the Brown Derby Restaurant.  It was nice having Mom with us.

More character greetings.

Goofy was being very goofy during this shoot.  He was fainting every time Stephanie gave him a kiss.
It was really funny to watch the two of them.

We capped the evening off with a show at Fantasmic.  Everyone was impressed by the water, light and fireworks show.

Exploring the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

My kids love to reading.  Here he is in the KSC book shop.
Before we knew it, he had plunked himself down and was pulling books to read.  He looks so cute.

In front of 'Space Shirts'.  Future crew of Columbia?

For more pictures of this vacation, see the accompanying mission page.

After the launch of STS-109, we ended our three week stay in Florida.  I left for the Johnson Space Center to
work the mission, and Agnes and the kids went home to Maryland.

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