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Disney Trip - Fall 2002

We visited each of the four Disney Parks in twice during this stay.
These next pictures are from MGM Studios.

My little guy can hold 100 tons over his head....can yours?

This fuzzy image of Flit and I is my son's first digital photo shot.

My son in the top of the web net in "Honey I shrunk the kids".
At this location, we are about 40 feet above the ground.

Having lunch in the Park.  Near "Honey I shrunk the kids".

Of course, we had to visit with Mickey.  My son was a little intimidated by the whole thing.

We had numerous other character greetings such as this Breakfast with Pooh.

For the past few years, the Osborne family has decorated the streets in MGM Studios.
There must have been millions of lights used.  A wonderful display.

This birds-eye-view picture from the Osborne family website shows the extensiveness of the display.
You can see the arch in the middle of the picture where we shot our photo.

We visited the Park during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when attendance
is at its lowest during the year.  Some times the lines were short, and you can see we are almost
alone on this parking tram.

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