2012 Trip to Aruba

Back to Aruba after a long absence for some of us.

Although we had travelled to Aruba the previous Chrismas holiday, my siblings and their families had not been to Aruba in two and a half years.

We arrived on 7/10/12 and stayed for two weeks.

On our first day there (7/11), we decided to take a drive and explore Fontein cave and spring.  This is at the entrance of the cave.

Crab in Aruba's Fontein cave
The cave is inhabited by bats and these large land crabs.  This one was hiding in a deep spelunk, and was about 8" across.  The guide told us that these do not make for good eating.

Fontein cave drawings
These are some of the original cave drawings in the cave.  The white
circle is caused by our flashlight.

crawling around fontein cave
Some passages are very narrow, and there is a musty smell due to the presence of bats.

fontein spring in aruba
Fontein (meaning 'fountain' in Dutch) is the only known fresh spring on the island.  It was nice to pause in the fresh breeze with the water and the fish swimming around.

Vesta windmills at Vader Piet Aruba
We paused to see the ten windmills at Vader Piet in Aruba. At peak
winds, they produce 20% of the island's power needs.

That night, we had dinner at Auntie Amparo's house.  We always look forward to a great evening with great food and old friends.

Ike and Milagros Posner
Ike and Milagros Posner are pillars of the Aruban community, and our families go back fifty years together.

Baby beach tent
The next day (7/12) we went to Baby Beach.  We brought a tent, and it was nice sitting in the shady sea breeze.

As usual, there was lots of investigating of the wild life and snorkeling.

The caught and released an eel this time.

That night, we had dinner at Mom's, and celebrated with Steam Boat (hot pot fundue).

mangel halto aruba
On 7/13 some of us did some more exploring of the island, this time at the mangroves.

That night, we had dinner at my cousin Chee Chong's house.

We had not seen our cousins from the Wong side of the family in many

Look at all those radio controlled planes and helicopters!

They also had the cutest little dowgie.  That thing was constantly being petted and carried around.

The next day (7/14) Pete took a ride around the island with his friend Jos Rasmijn.
It was one of the highlights of his trip.

They then went to feed the fish at the yacht pier at Renaissance Hotel.

aruba phone booth

That night, we had dinner at the Johnson's.

Lots of parties this trip, but this was the best food of the two weeks
in my opinion.

David Johnson's young family.

oriole trupiaal
On this trip, we seem to have many encounters with the beautiful song of the Oriole (trupiaal).

Aruban Iguana
We also saw lots of Iguanas.  Such as this large one sunning at the top of the roof.

From the the small.  This tiny one inch lizard was very cute.

Divi Golf resort
On 7/15 we checked in for our week at the Divi Village beach resort.

divi golf resort room
The rooms are smaller than the one at the Beach Club, but the air conditioning worked great.

That night, we had a wonderful barbecue.  Ok, maybe this was the best food of the trip.
Comes and gets it!

That night we also celebrated Pete's birthday, and our 21st wedding anniversary.
It was wonderful having dinner at the nearby tables with the dim lights by the pool.

We look forward to many more years together!

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