Visit by Mom for the blooming of the Washington Cherry Blossoms

In April 2005, Mom came to visit us to see the Cherry Blossoms that bloom every year.  It is an event she
has been meaning to make for several years.  Here she is with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

She tried her hand at paddle-boating, an activity that is available right at the Tidal Basin
where the blossoms are.  Mom likes the dark pink blossoms that are in the tree in the

Here they are with the Washington Monument in the background.  The kids and I were in a separate four-person boat.  Look at that brilliant
cloudless sky.

We went there just after daybreak and found a good spot for the car.  We then had
breakfast with some hot coffee and hot chocolate.  It was a real great time, and the
weather was perfect.

Most of the blossoms are light pink, with a few dark pink ones.  The latter ones are Mom's favorite.

This was Mom's favorite tree

We also enjoyed some nice meals together such as this feast of Maryland Blue Crabs.
Freshly steamed at home.  Yumm!

Another seafood dinner : steamboat.

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