Baltimore Orioles Ballgame with the Crew of STS-125

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Post Mission - O's game with the astronaut crew

After their return from space, we attended a Baltimore Orioles game with the crew of STS-125.  It was against the Seatle Mariners in June 2009. 

This is with Scott "Scooter" Altman, the commander of the mission.

Next is the person that sits next to Scooter during launch:
Greg "Ray Jay" Johson.

This is Drew Fuestell, one of the four spacewalkers, and the
one that installed WFC3 during the mission.

Here with Dr. John Grunsfeld, three time Hubble space walker.

Here is the tallest of the spacewalking four:
Mike "Mass" Massimino.

This is Mike "Bueno" Good.  He was partnered with Mass during
the space walks.

Compare the above with this image from 2007.  The crew
attended a ball game with us then.  Note how little our kids
look here.  Christopher is holding a baseball that we
had all seven astronauts sign.

Last but not least, is Megan McArthur, who was the Robot arm

Compare the above with this image from 2007.

signed topper
During this game, I obtained the signatures of the seven astronauts on this
part for my Space Shuttle Pinball machine.

crew signing topper
This is the composite showing them signing the topper.
Bueno, Mass, Megan, and
John, Scooter, Ray Jay and Drew.

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