1998 Family Florida Trip

These pictures were shot during our stay in Florida for the HOST Mission from August to November 1998.

Royal Towers
This is a 360 view of the condo we lived in while at KSC. The main sliding doors face the ocean,
and it has three bedrooms. The children and us made it our home away from home.Full size

The Magic Kingdom

In the Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's Castle

Visiting Mickey in his changing room

All of us with the Chairman of the Board

At the entrance of Tomorrow Land in the Magic Kingdom

In Frontier Land by the parrot display

The Animal Kingdom

With the 25 story tall 'Tree of Life' in the background.
This tree forms the center of Disney's newest park.

Finding an undiscovered fossil at Dinoland.

A duck billed dinosaur.

Christopher and goat at the petting zoo.

Stephanie and goat at the petting zoo.

A rare photo op with Mickey AND Minnie.

Meeting Rafiki from the Lion King.


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