2009 - 2010 New Year Holiday

Winter vacation in Aruba

Our yearly family trip to Aruba to spend the New Year holiday together.

Pete and Maya on a fisherman's doc on the south coast.

This year, Kal and the family cam to Aruba also.

We visited Uncle Chee Chong at the flying park.

Jay Ming was fascinated by the high-tech planes.

Pete and Jayden snorkeling at Baby Beach.

At the pool at the Divi Village Resort.  Pete stayed a few days there,
and we joined him for some gatherings.

Taking a break with some snacks at the pool side.

What a cool set of characters.

A nice day at the pool.

The pool is very large, and usually not crowded.

Jay Ming enjoyed the steel band music.

Of course, I was hard at work all the time....8-)

A nice afternoon at Ah Mah's house.  Prepping for tonight's dinner while
surfing the Internet.

A nice hot-pot dinner with the ingredients brought to
Aruba by the Boston Cheungs.

One of the best things about gathering in Aruba are the family meals.

An example of the buffet prepared for the New Year parties.

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