2006 Events and Pictures

In February we went tubing in the Pennsylvania mountains at the Whitetail resort.

We bought an hour-long pass, and had a lot of fun sliding down the slope.
After our hour was up, we were ready to leave to try something else.

We all had snowpants on, so we were ready for the elements.  However, it turned
out to be a very sunny day, and was not very cold.

Every few months, we enjoy a brunch of Dim Sum at our favorite place in
Silver Spring : Silver Fountain Restaurant.

In May, we went to the Allentown PA pinball show.  One of the largest pin shows on the East Coast.

There were hundreds of machines there set on free play.  We had a great time
getting to know all those machines.

The kids played lots of pinball, and I bought some parts. 

We also found some rinks to go skating such as Cosmic Skate.

Also in May, we headed off to Ocean City for our first visit.  We stayed just on the end of the
Board walk.

At the beginning of the boardwalk, there were attractions such
as the Ripley's Believe it or Not.

Inside the attraction, there was a pinball machine that was made by Stern to match
the attraction.  Someone left an unfinished game on it, so we played to games.

We went rollerblading on the boardwalk, and Christopher rented a recumbent tricycle to ride
around with.

In May, we were honored to host Steve Wozniak in our home.  He is one of the founders of Apple Computers.  His son Jesse (in red) wrote a
software package for me during our work with the Hubble Robotic Mission.

Mr Wozniak was a delightful dinner guest.  He gave the kids many little puzzles and gifts.

This year, Stephanie had a combination pinball/graduation/birthday party at home.

Stephanie invited her classmates from her school.  Her class had 7th through 8th grade.

Here is Stephanie playing the MM.

Stephanie introduced her classmates to Tsuro, a game of strategy.

Also in June, we took a scenic nature tour on a boat down the Patuxent River.

On the way back to the dock, we were surprised by a thunderstorm!  On the river!  The rain was very cold, and
the lightning was quite scary.

After a tough few weeks at work in June, Agnes wisked us away to a short but nice vacation in
Gettysburg, Virginia.

This is one of the Napoleon Canons that were commonly used in the Civil War.  We saw a
demonstration of the ten men needed to fire one of these.

It was an  unusually beautiful day in June, so we had a picnic on the lawn of the Gettysburg National Park Visitor's

Christopher assisted this Civil War soldier reenactor with his loading of
his musket.  He called out the steps needed to go through the process.

Here is Stephanie with her Indiana Jones hat on top of Little Roundtop.  This site is one of the most
pivotal ones of the Civil War.

Notable points in the main battle are marked by memorials such as
this one to General Rober E. Lee.

It is very poignant and humbling to see how so many brave men died for what they believed in.

Christopher with Snowbelle.

My little buddy really likes to make brownies and cookies.

One of the "Camp Mommie" trips was to Great Falls Park in Washington DC

This year, Stephanie really got into making jewelry herself. 

This is her at one of the craft fairs where she had a table for selling her jewelry.
Between the various shows and the Medieval Market at school, she made several
hundred dollars in profit this year.

For the Fourth of July holiday, we went to Boston to surprise my brother for his
40th birthday.  See here for pictures.

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