2002 Album - Colorado Vacation

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Due to Ed's work on the 2004 Hubble Mission, we spent more than one month in Colorado at the Ball Aerospace Corporation
in Boulder.  This allowed us to explore this rich and varied state.  Ed spent much of Spring 2002 here, and Agnes and the
kids arrived on June16, 2002 (Father's Day).

The day after their arrival was Stephanie and Agnes' birthday.  We celebrated by going
to the Butterfly Pavilion.  One is able to see Butterflies up close and see them emerge from their chrysalis.

Here is my daughter viewing one of the butterflies up close.

To his delight, this one landed on my son's shirt just after it emerged from its Chrysalis.

This one landed on my shorts, and then proceeded to climb up on my clothing....

...until it ended up near my shoulder, where it took its first flight.

Agnes making acquaintances with Rosie the Rose-haired Tarantula.
Some spiders make good pets, and this one is very friendly.  For her
bravery, Agnes received the sticker on her shirt : I held 'Rosie'.

Denver Museum of Natural History

On June 22, we went to the Denver Museum of Natural History.  As could be expected, the
dinosaur exhibit was a big hit.

My daughter in front of an Egyptian mummy.  Egyptology is one of her favorite subjects.

My son here at the Dinosaur dig.  I think he is on the verge of finding
an important fossil...  

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