My daugther's 9th Birthday

This year Stephanie decided she preferred a birthday at Discovery Zone in Baltimore.  It was a very fun time.
The theme was once again 'Harry Potter'.  The party was on June 8.  It occurred early because of our planned
trip to Colorado to support Ed's work on the 2005 Hubble Servicing Mission.

Agnes made the cake once again.  It was a beautiful work of art.  She used pieces of Legos as props.  Note Hermoine,
Ron, and Harry in the boat on the lower level, and Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid on the upper level

My son tried on this Centurion's hat in the souvenir shop.  He is just soooo cute.

In the partyroom.  We had a small intimate party of my daughter's 8 closest friends.

Here they are singing to Stephanie.  Happy Birthday!

Opening presents!

After we had our lunch together, we all went into the three-story play area to explore
and play.

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