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Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains

Estes Park is a pretty town 45 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado.  It sits high up in the Rocky Mountains at 7000 feet above sea level.
We visited this place on one of our day trips (June 24, 2002).

A river runs right through town, and the planners have cleverly integrated it into their main street.  Many shops face the river on one side,
and the main street on the other.  In the background, one can see the magnificent Rockies.

It was a warm day, so we dipped our feet in the very cold water.  I would estimate the cold Rocky
Mountain water to be 40-50F, as our toes became numb within seconds of dunking them, just like
dunking your arm into a bucket of ice water.

The kids enjoyed playing around the river and the big rocks.  For a wider shot,
click on the above image.  The tiny Canon Powershot that I use has a great zoom lens.

We boarded a gondola ride to the top of the mountain near Estes Park.  The view was spectacular.

Here we are at the top, you can see the entire Continental Divide from here.  The view was great.  We were at 8700 feet
above sea level.

At the top of this mountain, the chipmunks are so tame that they will feed from your fingers.  Here is Christopher
feeding one, with Stephanie watching on in the background.

We decided to try our hand at fishing at this fishing pond stocked with rainbow trout.
Here we see Stephanie with her catch, a one foot long fish!

Christopher caught a total of three fish!  Here he is with one of them.
As you can see, it is a very beautiful setting, with a Swiss Chalet in the background and
a large water wheel.  The pond was full of fish, and easy to catch.  The fishing establishment
charges by the inch of fish, and we caught four fish (each about one foot long), costing us
about $35.

In Colorado, we stayed at a Residence Inn with a kitchen and one-bedroom suite.
That night, we fried two of the fish and had a delicious fish dinner.  They tasted great!
This whole outing reminded me of the last time I baited a hook with a worm, which
occurred in the late seventies when my Aunt and Uncle Lum from Canada took us fishing.
That was about 25 years ago......

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