2000 Disney Vacation

We went to Disney World for the fifth consecutive year in 2000.  Unlike the previous times, we were
not going because of a mission.  This time, Mom arranged for a time share exchange, and we stayed, not in Cocao Beach, but right next to the Disney World main gate.

As we saw on our previous trip in December '99, a giant Mickey
hand decorates the giant golfball.  In the foreground are granite
slabs that hold the photos of visitors.

We purchased two squares for our photos on the granite slabs in front of Epcot.  To see
the original photo, click here for the left or the right one.  Courtesy of Disney.
These photos are expected to remain for decades to come.
To find these panels at Epcot:
Side : West
Row : 2
Section : B
Panel : 5
Count up : 1
Count Across : 29 & 30

Flying over the Magic Kingdom on the back
of Dumbo the elephant.  Wheee!

We had lunch inside Cinderella's castle.  Here Ah Mah is sitting with
her grandchildren.

The castle is filled with wonderful stonework like you see here.

Group picture.  My sister and her kids as well as Ah Mah went
along with us to Disney.  This is shot in the Lion King Stage show.

My daughter volunteered to be part of the show!

A few pictures of her on stage at the Lion King show.

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