1999 Florida Pictures

These pictures were shot during our stay in Florida during the Third Servicing Mission
to the Hubble Space Telescope.

The panoramic view outside our room.  In the distance you can see the rays
of the rising sun.  Full size.

In front of Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom, after this picture was shot, we bumped into Miss Anne who is Stephanie's dance class teacher from Maryland!

Panoramic view near the castle.  The stitching of the images did not occur perfectly because of
the moving people in the image, but you can still get a view of the area.  Full Size.

We made our usual visit to see Mickey in his dressing room, no doubt before another big appearance....

Stephanie and Christopher in their race car driving around the Magic Kingdom.
Note the steering wheel being on the right hand side.


The big 'golfball' was augmented with Mickey's hand holding a wand and the year '2000'.  The granite slabs behind us hold miniature photos that will remain indefinitely.  We purchased two squares for the four of us.

While posing with this statue outside of the France pavilion, it suddenly came to live and grabbed Stephanie's hand!

Actually, it was an actress, dressed like a statue.

From left to right : 
Clopin (from the movie Esmeralda), 
Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Esmeralda).

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