Cheung Family trip to Colorado

Our trip route.  Click to see it on Google.

We spent two summers in Colorado during my work on the WFC3 for Hubble.  Once in 2002, and the second in 2006.  Our kids have always said they wanted to show how beautiful and fun this state is to their cousins.  So in 2011, with the fun of the Italy trip in our memory, we decided to show everyone the places we went to during those memorable summers in the Rocky Mountains.

Day 1
We arrived in Colorado on 6/25/11.  I came from the Kennedy Space Center after supporting the launch preps for STS-135.  Everyone else travelled directly from their home.  These images are a combined effort from everyone on our group.

The first dinner together in Colorado was casual, but delicious.
It was at the Noodles and Co in Denver.

My favorite is the Thai Noodles with shrimp, and many of us agreed it was good.

Day 2

The next day, 6/26, our first stop was Red Rocks Park.

These images don't do the real views justice.  There is something grand about
seeing these amazing, huge rocks up close.  Here, the
sun just peeks out from behind the edge.

Our first day in Colorado, and we are enjoying each other's company, the weather (cool this
morning), and the sights.

We arrived on a morning when hundreds of fitness fans were running and jumping
around the amphitheatre.  The view at night must be amazing of the walls.

We went on a hike around the site.

The first of many hikes on this vacation.  We packed lots of water and snacks.

Nice hand stand.

Two brothers roughin' it in the wild.

Our second destination of the day was St. Mary's Glacier.
When we set off from the trail head at the parking lot, we figured all
the ice and snow would be gone.  It was a HOT June day.

It is a short 3/4 mile up hill to the glacier.  To our amazement, we started seeing
snow and ice on the ground.  In June!

We reached the glacier lake and an amazing view.  The lake is at a high plateau, and
when you crest the hill and see the water at eye level, it is an amazing sight.

A great view from the edge of the glacier was amazing.

After just a few seconds in the water, your feet starting tingling.  The
water is freezing, and feels real good after a hike.

Another hand stand!

Stephanie: "Has anyone seen my dinosaur?".

Day 3

The next day (6/27), we drove further South to Colorado Springs and visited
the Garden of the Gods.  This has dramatic huge red rock formations in the
middle of green hills.

There were some great views that just don't get imaged well in photos.

This is at Three Graces.

We did some pretend climbing up the rocks.

We drove on to Balanced Rock.  Don't drop that rock guys!

Good thing I was not around.  My fear of heights would make
me real nervous.

The big rock opposite from Balanced Rock.

Reverse view of Balanced Rock and the cliff opposite it.

The kids liked hiking all over Balanced Rock, and they found this table
to sit and rest.

Next stop: Pike's Peak.  We passed by the North Pole,
where we spent some time in 2002.

We then proceeded to Pike's Peak, and drove up this famed mountain to
14,110 feet in altitude.

The drive up was steeeeeep and windy.  Pretty scary.

We had two minivans for the twelve of us, and took turns driving.  Agnes and me in one,
and Pete and Ali in the other van.

In a store on the way up the mountain.  Watch out Mom!

We made it to the top!  It was very cold at around 40F.  The air was
very thin, and we had to be careful not to over exert ourselves.

Nice view from the top of Colorado.  Sometimes, a cloud passes by
like a puff of smoke.  Pretty amazing.

That night, we stayed at the El Colorado Lodge.  We had three cabins, the largest one was very nice, with a small fireplace, and the two others were next to each other in a cozy arrangement.

We had a porch in front of the twin cabins with a picnic table. 
Very cozy arrangement for meals together.

View inside the cabin.  It had wired Internet and Air Conditioning.

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