Visit to Aruba - Summer 2004

Our visit during the summer of 2004 was to celebrate my son's First Holy Communion with Agnes'
Mom and family.  They were unable to travel to Maryland for his celebration in the USA.

Our first visit to the sea and beach.  This time we decided to go to Rodger's beach, where I first learned to swim.

My sister organized a birthday party for their dog.  Here is the birthday boy
in front of the cake.  He did (unfortunately) not have any cake himself, but did not miss
much as the kids complained that the icing tasted like medicine.

A quiet moment in the family room.  That day, my sister made tie-died T-shirts for everybody.

Here, my son is receiving his First Holy Communion on Aruba from
Father Tony Peralda.

As usual, it was quite warm in the church, but he was a trooper in his
 formal white suit.

Afterwards we had a reception at the Blue Army Center which was decorated until
2 am the night before by Agnes, Franklin and Marja.

He enjoyed himself as the star of the day.

One of our guests was Jan Poets who supplied the pictures for the local paper "Diario".
We were given almost a whole page in full color for this event.

We had about 70 guests including 20 kids.

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