Stephanie's First Holy Communion

How quickly the years go by!  Stephanie is now seven years old, and
we celebrated her First Holy Communion In May, 2001.

Attendants to the reception were given a small party favor with this photograph
of Stephanie in her dress.  Mom did a nice job putting her ensemble together.

Personalized party favors such as this one are popular in Aruba, where the First Holy
Communion is celebrated almost as much as a wedding.

The weather was perfect, and we stopped for a brief prayer at the statue of Mary
in front of our church.

The Spring flowers were blooming, and the air was dry and crisp.  Perfect
weather for an outdoor event.

The mass was at Holy Family Catholic Church, a small historic congregation.  The service
started at 9:30am, and the children's choir was present.

There were 21 children (two-thirds girls) that had their First Holy Communion that day.
Consisting of 20 families--there was a family of twins.

All the children participated in setting up for the Mass.  Stephanie is carrying the wine.

This year, Stephanie is singing in the choir.  This is the set of children that
had their First Holy Communion that day, and that sang in the choir.

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