Summer 2005 in Aruba

We travelled to Aruba in the Summer of 2005 to visit Agnes' Mom, and to attend the opening of a Science classroom at my old school.
The teachers there and the government of Aruba decided to dedicate to me a new classroom in which Physics, Biology and Chemistry
will be taught.  I started my schooling at that particular school at the age of 4, and lived near the high-school for my first 15 years.

On the way down to Aruba, we had a 6 hour layover in Miami, so Agnes organized a trip for us to the
Miami Science Center and Planetarium.  One of the animals there was this tame baby alligator.

We also met Mr. Fossil Frank Perillo, who gave a presentation on prehistoric
wildlife in Florida.  He was a very good speaker with great mineral samples.
Here, he is showing us a moon shell.

After an educational visit, we headed back to the airport and then onto Aruba.

We brought our skates and gear to Aruba, and we skated everyday in the back of Oma's house where she
has a covered patio.  The floor is nice and smooth and there is usually a good breeze blowing.  While
on the island, I improved my turns, and we learned to skate backwards (slowly).

In Aruba we had several nice dinners including this one with Auntie, Soo San and Chee Choong at the
Blossoms restaurant in the Wyndham hotel.  It was a really fun evening.

The government of Aruba dedicated a plaque at the entrance of the San Nicolas Medical Center
to Agnes' Mom for her long contribution to the people of Aruba with her activities with the Blue
Army Center and the Catholic Church of Aruba.  The plaque is near Agnes' head.

The plaque reads: Tribute to "Personality of San Nicolas", Mrs. Rita Kock-Croes.
For her valuable support and dedication to the district of San Nicolas.  Signed:
Minister T.F.R. Lee, Minister of Labor, Culture and Sports.

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