Florida Vacation in 2009

As a result of my time in Florida due to the launch of Hubble Servicing Mission,
we spent a week in Florida during Spring Break.  When the kids were small, we could pull them out of school for many weeks or months, but that was unfortunately no longer possible during this mission flow.

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At the entrance to Universal Studios.

At the market area.

This is at the "Poseidon" exhibit.  The architecture was impressive, but the
theme was a bit corny.

We used tickets from 1997 (yes 12 years old), and exchanged them for
current tickets to both Universal parks.  A good deal.

Lots of nifty places to eat and see.

Inside Toon Town.

Stephanie got dragged by Marmaduke!

At the JAWS! ride.  I remember it had just opened the last time I was
there, with lots of technical problems.

This was snapped as we were leaving "Islands".  It was the
end of a long but fun day.

Christopher at Space Shirts.

Here Stephanie is doing a handstand/cartwheel on the famous Cocoa Beach.
She has gotten good at it from doing this trick with skates on.

We also went kayaking in the lagoon between Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach.
The company we used was Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach, and it cost
about $92 for the four of us.

This is where we boarded the canoes.

Our guides were Micky and Ed, and we saw crabs, fish, birds and other
wildlife.  We were hoping to see manatee and dolphin up close,
but we were only able to see them in the distance.
We still had a lot of fun, and we were out 3 hours.

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