2003 Photo Album

As has become our annual tradition, we spent the New Year holiday in Aruba, after first spending Christmas
in Maryland.  The New Year holiday is very festive in Aruba, with our friends and relatives celebrating
with noisy fireworks.  Here we are on the plane.

Upon arrival, we landed on the front page of the local paper, "Diario".  Although I have
appeared on the front page before, this is the first time we appeared "above the fold".

On one of our first days there, we went swimming at Auntie Lim's house.  The pool is newly commissioned after being
inoperative for a few years.

My newly born nephew was there for the first time.

The two youngest Cheung boys hit it off right away.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Governor's New Year reception.  Here we are with
Eugene Kingsale (Detroit Tigers), and Sidney Ponson (Baltimore Orioles) all from Aruba.

We also did a lot of sightseeing over the island.  Here we are at the Casibari Rock

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