The Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan

In December 2004, we decided to change Christopher's ceiling fan for a more quiet and fun model.
I have always wanted to use a Hunter model that looks like an airplane called the "Fantasy Flyer".
I purchased it from Lamp Depot for $159.

The finished product after installation.  The fan is based on the Corvair F4U.  As the reader can tell,
the propeller of the airplane are the fan blades, the airplane engine is the fan motor, and the rest of the airplane is
an applique that is fastened to the ceiling.  Although not part of the original kit, I also added two "landing lights" on
both wings.

The old fan that was in Christopher's room.  It was originally used in my college apartment (1983).
After more than 20 years it was still in fine shape, so we donated it to Goodwill the next day.

Christopher's room with the old ceiling fan removed.  Stephanie took the opportunity to do some
crocheting in the arm chair while I worked.  Earlier in the year, we had decorated the room in an aviation/space
theme with blue colors.  The fan fit right in with the decoration scheme.

Part way during installation.  The ceiling top plate has been installed, and part of the airplane decal is up.  Note the added wire
for the landing lamps emanating from the landing gear mounts.

The original airplane does not have a light kit, however Christopher's room needs lighting, so I thought up
the addition of two "landing lights" that were painted to match the color of the system.

The fan running.  We think the "landing lights" really add to the overall look of the fan and they are very functional.
Christopher thought the result was so Coool (in more ways than one).

December 4 2007 - I have received a lot of e-mail over the years about this page. 
Thanks for the comments.  Here is another cool ceiling fan.

Fitts Family
In April 2016, the Fitts family sent me this image along with their thanks for providing them with the idea.
A very cute picture.

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