2005 New Year Holiday in Aruba

As our usual tradition, the entire Cheung clan assembled at the homestead in Aruba for our annual
New Year holiday.

We travelled to Aruba together with the my sister's family.
For our first dinner there, Ah Mah bought some Caribbean lobsters.  She bought
three from a street vendor.  They were a total of 13 pounds and cost $5.40/pound.

Mom prepared them Chinese style (chopped and fried in ginger and garlic).  They were de-eeelicious,
and fed 11 people and we even had some leftovers.

The boys and me in the open patio.

At the New Year dinner hosted by Auntie Lim, Debbie delighted us
with her violin playing.  She has only been playing for three years and has had
several performances.

The lively violin music caused Pete and Ali to break into some clowning around dancing.

Stephanie holding a paper flower making class with the help of Auntie R.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan passed near Aruba and changed the nature of Baby Beach.  We were glad to personally visit to see that
most of its natural beauty has remained.

We were invited to brunch at the Radisson by the Posner's, and were able to catch the morning greeting session
with the exotic birds.

As is Mom's tradition, she holds an annual New Year dinner of our own.  Here she is frying up her
famous stuffed egg-plant. Yumm!

Here is the buffet table with the menu cards created by the kids.  Kal made a delicious
goat curry with mango chutney.

Facing the camera on the left are the Posner's (Oiky and Greta).  We have known them for more than fourty years.
They are very good friends of our family.

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