2005 New Year Holiday in Aruba

We spent the second week of the vacation at the Opal 44 "Beach House" as guests
of Amparo Latham (  We stayed at this beautiful house
with a pool the year before.  This year, the pool was filled with fresh (not salty) water.
You may need to scroll to the right for the wide view ->.
Note the beautiful mural that was painted in 2004.

Here, the kids are in the "Mermaid Pool" as Maya called it.  We all had a great time staying at this cozy and
comfortable house with easy access to a pool.

It had been especially rainy in Aruba for the past few months.  As
a result, the wild life was thriving.  On several mornings, we would find small
frogs in the pool such as this one.  On our nature walks, one could find large
mushrooms growing in the shade.  I don't recall seeing this before in Aruba.

The prevailing steady winds allows fungus to remain on the down-wind side of boulders.
Over the centuries, their action erodes the rocks and produces these openings.
Shot at Ayo Rock Formations.

Typical traditional Aruban house architecture.  The way the roof slopes and the arrangement of the doors and windows
are very typical.  Also note the traditional symbols on the house corners to ward off evil spirits.

Agnes organized the kids in a performance of "Sir George and the Dragon".  The performance was
a hit with everyone.  Here the performers are taking a final bow for the audience.

We stayed long enoug in Aruba to catch the first minor parade Carnival Parade in San Nicolas, which
is the children's Balloon Parade.  Here we are waiting for it to start in front of Oma's house.

Agnes, Stephanie, Pete and Maya decided to "jump" or dance in the parade.  Maya has so much fun
she did not want to go home.

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