2005 New Year Holiday in Aruba

At the colorful tourist market in front of the cruise ship harbor in Oranjestad.

The Beach House offered opportunities for us to fly a kite due to the proximity to the ocean. 
The house is visible in the background (Opal 44, Aruba).

Let it fly!

Taken during one of our walks along the Sonesta Hotel Beach water front (at night).

Christopher just cracks me up with his funny expressions.

As thanks to Auntie Amparo for letting us use the Beach House, we decided to get her a gift certificate to the Tierra del Sol (land of the sun) Golf Course.  In the distance, you can see the California Lighthouse that marks the northern most point of the island.

The view from this point is excelent.

Since we were so close, we figured that we'd visit the California Light House.

I always knew Agnes was a strong woman...
Like this (second picture from top)...

I was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate (ATV - Channel 15) about the Hubble Robotic Mission.

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