Summer 2002 - Colorado

Garden of the Gods

This beautiful and free park includes views on some extremely amazing rock formations.

The balancing rock is a big attraction in this park.  Watch out Aggie!

Actually, how big can it be?  She is holding it in her hand!

This really big rock looks very precarious, but it has been here for centuries.

Another view that is typical of this park, huge boulders perched at amazing places.

North Pole Amusement Park
These picture shot with my camcorder, and are a little fuzzier than my Canon.

This park celebrates Santa 12 months of the year, and is where he supposedly lives.
This white SUV is what we rented in Colorado for the first part of the trip.  A very
comfortable Hyndai Santa Fe.

One of the attractions is this pole made of ice.  Kept that way by modern refrigeration,
it is a welcome relief to the heat.

There is actually a Post Office at the North Pole.  This allows you to mail a letter and
have it be cancelled with the stamp "North Pole".

Other places in Colorado

We went to the Molly Kathleen Gold Mine.  An elevator ride takes us 1000 feet down the earth.
As part of the tour, we were given small free samples of ore, with tiny specks of gold.

This tiny elevator would hold nine miners when this mine was in operations.
The five of us were packed in there for the 2 minute ride to the surface.

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