During one of our visits to Canada to see MDA, we decided to take some time off and do some touring of the city. 
Naturally, we visited the CN Tower, which is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions.

The CN Tower was meant to be only a communications tower, but as construction
started, the designers realized that adding an observation deck (or two) would
increase the tourist value.  Today, millions of people visit each year.
We visited on a beautiful clear sunny day.

We had to pass through these scanners that sniff you for bombs with puffs of air.

Here my colleque, Will, is standing on the glass floor section that is more than 1100 feet off the ground!
When you step out onto it, you can look straight down to the ground.  I was too chicken to venture out on the glass.

The view through the glass floor.  Note the tiny cars on the roads, and his feet.

In addition to the main level, we paid extra to go up the small sky pod at the top, an additional few hundred feet in altitude.
This is as close as I dared to get to the glass, but I enjoyed the view nevertheless.  When we were at the top, Will's pager received a page from a
tower in the United States because we were so high up!  The message was resident in his account, and when
the system detected he was within range, it relayed it to his pager.

The view from the sky pod.  You can see the main observation deck below, and the ground even farther down.

This proclaims the sky pod to be the world's highest observation deck.

We had lunch at the main observation deck and then quickly left for the airport to catch our flight back home.

I came back a few months later for a family visit while on vacation.

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