Aruba vacation

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During the summer of 2003, we made two trips to Aruba.

The first was to see Agnes' Mom due to her problems with her kidneys.  This was scheduled to
be in early summer, but was postponed until July.

The second trip was on the invitation from BMW and Ultimate Automobiles NV, and took place in September.

While we were there on the first visit, I became Godfather to Agnes' niece.  Avril was born in April 2003.  The baptism
took place in the St. Theresita Catholic Church in San Nicolas on 7/13/2003.

Agnes' Grandmother "Mama Croes" celebrated her 80th birthday the same day as the
baptism.  The whole family gathered for a celebration at a local rec. center.

Agnes and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary on 7/15/03 at the Pago-Pago
Restaurant at the Wyndham Hotel. This photograph was published in the local paper "Diario".

This iguana was too distracted by me to notice my daughter creeping up on
him to be in the picture.  She was squinting because the sun was so **bright**.

Swimming at the Aruba Beach Club.  The oldest time share on the island.

The second trip during the summer of 2003 was at the invitation of BMW for the official unveiling of the
5 Series on the island.  We thank them for the generous offer and opportunity to come home again.

I was asked to give a short talk on my work on HST.

The moment of the unveiling.  The ceremony took place on Sept. 12 2003 at the Radisson Hotel in Aruba.
It was attended by invitees and the press.

Christopher especially liked the driving game setup in a corner of the ballroom.  Whenever we missed him, we would
just go in that area to look for him.

I can picture us driving around in luxury like this one day.....

Mr. Ernst Obermaier (BMW Area Manager for Aruba and Curacao, left), and
 Mr. Bob Spellen (Manager of Ultimate Automobiles, NV, right) made the trip possible for us.
It was one of the most enjoyable trips we have made to Aruba.  I gave a few talks to
some 150 school kids at my high school during the latter part of the trip.

Shot here in front of Mom's house, the Series 5 BMW I was given to drive around for the week.  Sweet!

In addition to speaking at the unveiling, I repeated the talk at my former High School, Colegio Arubano,
and also at the Technical High School Cesar Terzano.

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