Web to X-10 Interface

This PIC node is an X-10 interface directly from the Web.  Thus unlike the other PIC nodes, this one does not connect to the RS485 home automation network.  Instead, it is connected to the home Ethernet network.  Attached to a standard NE2000 Ethernet card, the PIC is setup as a full Web Server with a software and hardware interface to a TW523 two-way powerline modem.  This allows the PIC to communicate with any user on the network via a web browser.

The PIC X-10 Web Server next to the TW523 powerline interface.  Only three connections
are needed to the clear plastic box: 1) TW523 interface, 2) power, and 3) Ethernet.

Users that enter the IP address of the PIC Web Server, see the control panel below.  This shows the color-coded status of the units that have been configured with the server, along with links that cause commands to be sent to change their state.  This screen automatically refreshes every 10 seconds so that commands sent from another source are continuously updated on the control panel.

The control panel shows the 'live' status of the configured units, and allows their control.

Clicking on the 'Config' button above causes the screen below to be displayed.  This allows configuring the control panel by adding or deleting units.  This data is saved in non-volatile EEPROM in the PIC, so it is preserved across power cycles.

This panel shows up when the user clicks on the 'Config' button on the
control panel. It allows the user to add or delete units.

By using this PIC node, any user inside the home can control the home via their web browser.  In addition, thanks to the DSL connection, this can also occur from outside the home.  Since control of the units is via hyperlinks, any command can be sent by formulating appropriate URL.  It is also possible to use this Web Server in conjunction with another running on a desktop computer.  The larger Server could contain maps of the home with regions to click that corresponds to the units.  These links could then be directed to the X-10 Web Server.

This hardware won first prize in Microchip's PIC2000 contest.

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