The Backup 
Electrical Generator

We purchased a backup generator not for Y2K fears, but because of numerous annoying outages during the winter and summer of 1999.  Finally, Hurricane Floyd's damage to the power system in our area prompted us to go ahead and install a unit.  By most standards, the 3kWatt unit is a modest one, but it was sized to be able to mainly run the refrigerator and the gas furnace.  Its size was chosen after gathering data by the power node for several months.  It turned out to be just the right size, being able to run the lights and the aforementioned appliances and still fit into a compact space.

The deVILLBISS Model CGTP3000

This unit produces only single phase power, nevertheless by tying it into both phases of my home, I was able to power the entire house and get our lives as close to normal as possible.


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