Telemetry Module (TM)

Avionics for the Rendezvous & Navigation System (RNS) for STS-125

I designed part of the electronics that is on the last servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

This unit communicates with the Space Shuttle Orbiter (Atlantis), and provides command and telemetry for the RNS. 

In September 2001, a small team of us travelled to the SAIL (Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab)
facility at the Johnson Space Center to test our prototype carrier electronics.  Here, I am
sitting in the shuttle mid-deck equivalent.  In the back ground, you can see the mockup
of the cargo bay (long rows of wires).

This is the flight deck equivalent, or where the pilot sits during the shuttle flight.
Compare to this picture (STS-95 Discovery on the launch pad).

Photo of the ICE prototype we brought to the Johson Space Center.

See page 2 (OPF Testing)

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