Circuit Cellar Online PIC2000 Contest

Circuit Cellar Online is the on-line version of Circuit Cellar Ink, a magazine founded by Steve Ciarcia.  In 1999, they announced a design contest in cooperation with Microchip.  The topic was 'Connecting the PIC to the Internet'.  When the winners were announced in July 2000, I was pleased to find out that I had won four of the seven prizes, including the top three!  My total prize was $20,000 (including $15,000 in cash).

The prize winning entries included a 10BaseT PIC Web Server.  Using a custom built printed circuit board, the PIC was interfaced to a standard PC ethernet board, allowing it to become a full fledged node on the local ethernet network.  Software contained in the PIC then implemented the full embedded web server as well as a number of user applications.  Those that won the contest included a Web Camera, a Web Chart Recorder, an X-10 Server, and a SLIP Server.

Receiving the awards at the 2000 Embedded Internet Conference in San Jose, CA.
From left to right: Myron Loewen (previous winner and now Microchip employee),
Cindy Trotto (Director of Marketing), myself, and Tom Cantrell (columnist for Circuit Cellar Ink).
Note that one can see a glimpse of the hardware prizes on the chair behind Tom.
full size of this and two other images

Information about my winning contest entries are available thru the links below: archive containing the official announcement of winners

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See my article in Circuit Cellar Ink #123, October 2000

The circuit board in the Web Server also won the Nuts and Volts/ExpressPCB contest.

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