The Infra Red relay system

Since the signals from the main audio/video system are sent to various parts of the home, it makes sense to be able to control the system throughout the house. I have a simple way of piping the infra red commands to the main system by using a commercial product from Rabbit. This product (which is now discontinued) uses a wire pair to relay IR (and RF, although that is not used). I can control the system from my bedroom, kitchen, and rec room. Since my watch transmits IR, I can control the A/V system and the whole house (via X-10) from many places in my home.

The main items controlled are music volume, and the VCRs (play, FF, etc.). To a limited extent I also control the TV remotely. This comes in handy when I want to switch it off, but do not want to walk downstairs to do so. Thus with the whole-house video system, I can play a movie in one of the VCRs in the main A/V area, but view and control it from any TV in the home.

The system consists of one IR transmitter box placed in the room with the A/V equipment, and receiver boxes connected by a wire pair in the rooms mentioned above.

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