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We climbed the 559 steps to the top of the Hooiberg, Aruba's tallest free standing (ahem) mountain.

The view from atop the Hooiberg is really excellent.  One can see most of the island, and there is usually a nice breeze on it.

We spent one day at the Marriott pool, and it has lots of friendly iguana's around.

The pool has a circular 'lazy river' circuit, and we enjoyed playing in it.

We also took a Pelican Tour snorkel trip on their Catamaran.  It was really nice cruising
out to the snorkel site on the cargo net that spans the two pontoons.

The trip was very well run and we all were required to wear vests.

The first site we went to was in Malmok, and the second was the 'Antiyas' sunken freighter.  The kids really enjoyed swimming among
the fish, although I did not like not being able to watch all of them closely.

While we were there, the Jolly Pirate joined us at the snorkel site. 
As you can tell, Mom really enjoyed the trip with her kids and grandkids.

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