ARUBA - At the Kennedy Space Center

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Our home at the Kennedy Space Center was/is the Vertical Processing Facility (VPF).  For
a 360 degree view of this clean room, click here (need QuickTime installed).

After the cooling system was retested at the VEST facility at Goddard, it was shipped to Kennedy Space
Center, where we continued our integration at the VPF.  On January 22, the astronaut crew saw the
actual flight unit and operated the connectors.

Some members of the NCS team posing with the astronauts in front of the radiator.  From right to left: Jim Buchheit (radiator designer), Jim Newman (astronaut),
Richard Linnehan (astronaut), John Grunsveld (astronaut), Nancy Currie (astronaut), Darrell Zimbelman (NCS Systems), Jill Slater (Quality Assurance),
Rob Eppler (mechanical design), Ed Rezac (EVA), Mike Massimino (astronaut), yours truly (electrical).  Note the ARUBA visible just over Mike's shoulder.

Here I am in front of the radiator and the ARUBA.
Shot at the VPF at the Kennedy Space Center on January 22, 2002.

Here is the ARUBA and Diode Box (left) in the final flight configuration (VPF).

Another shot of the final configuration (VPF).

After a few weeks of stay at the VPF, we transferred to the Canister and then to the Shuttle.
Here the radiator has been mounted into the Orbiter and viewed from the PCR.  Note the end of
the Shuttle robot arm on the left, next to the column of numbers on the PGHM structure.
For images of the Canister ride to the Pad, click here.


 Launch was on March 1 2002.  For images of this, refer to the Mission page.

On the second day in space (Flight Day 2, or FD-2), we do a photo survey of the Cargo Bay to check
and make sure all is well.  This was captured by the port-side aft bulkhead camera.  The ARUBA is
shown here in space.  The number in the upper right identifies the image.

Another view, this time from the starboard camera.  Is that the island of Aruba above the box of ARUBA?
Note the end of the robot arm and the port-side camera on the left of the image.

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