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play house
The bird box visible in the top left is at the pinacle of the children's
play and swing set. A family of birds were nesting in the box when this
picture was taken.

Opening the bird box revealed a brood of three Black-Capped Chickadees.
You can see the legs of the children and Edward on the right.

In 2002, another brood appeared.  When we went back the very next day, only one
bird remained, the rest had fledged and left the nest.  Note the better image with my new
Canon Powershot camera.  Black-Capped Chikadees

Tight shot of the Mom while we were visiting her brood.  She was making quite a racket!

Back Pond
Another view of the back pond. The deck is visible in the background.
The stone patio and the back pond are in the foreground. Note that the
pond is really two levels; the top part is integrated into the stone
wall, and water cascades down from two openings.

The ponds are usually inhabited by several frogs such as this one.

While cleaning the front pond in the fall of 1999, I found this crayfish, about
two inches long.  How it got into the pond, I will never know....

Here is another crayfish that we found in the back pond in July 2004 that was three inches long.

Then in 2005, we found the same guy again, he had grown even bigger.

We have numerous 'volunteers' such as this sunflower
from our bird feeders.

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