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Bay Magnolia
Stephanie near the Bay Magnolia. Although the flowers are modest,
the unbelievable fragrance of its blooms makes this tree a wonder.
Our magnolia blooms in late May for about two months.

We found this Jack-in-the-Pulpit in 2005 in the 'tree patch'.  As you can see,
the kids found it first and decided to decorate it.

Shot in 2002, we have several Tulip Poplars that bloom in late May.  The entire tree (foreground)
is filled with orange-yellow cup shaped blooms.  The nectar of this tree is enjoyed by the Tiphia vernalis, a
beneficial insect that preys on the Japanese Beetle.

Tiger Lilies
A few months after the irisses are done, the Tiger Lilies bloom in in the same spot--at the edge
of our deck. They start blooming in early June, providing flowers for
Stephanie's and Agnes' birthday party in mid-June.

Tiger Lilies
Tight shot of the tiger lilies.

Water Lily
The water lilies also start blooming in early June.

In May 2003, Sharon Himes, a Maryland artist, found my website and used images on it for her painting class.  Awesome!

Stella D'Oro Daylily
These daylilies on the west side of the house start blooming in June,
and don't quit till frost. This special variety is called the Hemerocallis Stella D'Oro.

In May 2004 Lori Goldberg from Vancouver sent me this picture of a wonderful painting that was
inspired by my photo of the daylily.  Thank you Lori!

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