Our Garden cont'd

Our Garden

In the Spring of 2001, we were blessed with a brood of Bluebirds laying their eggs
in this special box that allows easy view of the nest (shot end of April 2001).  The
side panel is clear plastic, and the top folds open for easy inspection.

The above nest was checked once a week, and after laying a total of five eggs,
the chicks hatched.  They are less than one week old here (5/28/01).

One week later (6/2/01), they are growing fast

And another week later (6/9/01), you can clearly see their young plumage.
The week after this they were gone............!

Blaze rose
The climbing rose "Blaze" in bloom during late April.

Blaze rose
Another view of our climber "Blaze" with Stephanie.

H Tea
Close shot of one of the Hybrid Teas "Friendship".

Back Pond
The kids enjoy the back pond and its fish and frogs. The pond is integrated into the stone patio in the back of the house.
Note the wisteria here (behind the kids) is growing wild as it was not yet trained to go up the pergola.  It would be
another two years from this picture before it finally bloomed.

Play Set
This play set was built in the Spring of 1999,
a gift from Grandma Cheung.

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