Our Garden cont'd

This Peony was put in at the end of 1999, and bloomed Spring 2000.  However, its first year in our garden was
a rebuilding year, and it did not set buds for 2001.

The next year, 2002, it bloomed again (April).

Ah-Mah with the red peony in 2004.  She was quite taken by its beauty.

These irisses bloom beneath the rear deck in mid April.

We have numerous Butterly Bushes (Buddleia) that attract butterflies such
as this newly hatched one.

Close shot of one of the irisses.

Honey Suckle
This Honey Suckle blooms starts in mid April and provides
nectar for our humming birds all the way till frost (November).

We have visits from many wild rabbits in our yard.  On Easter Sunday 2003, we caught
this small baby bunny.  It was the size of an orange.  The kids fell in love with in right
away.  Its favorite food turned out to be dandelions that I dug up from the yard (4/22/03).
The kids took her to school one day, and she was a huge hit.

A few weeks later, after having fattened her up somewhat, we set her free in the back yard.
Since then, we have been visited by one small bunny that hops onto the back deck (5/8/03).


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