1998 Family Florida Trip, continued

Outside the theme parks, continued

We witnessed the launch of the Hot Bird 5 satelite on
top of a Lockheed-Martin Atlas 2A rocket on October 9 1998.
The rocket is the bright dot in the sky. Due to the distance
and the haze, only a bright dot was reproduced on the image.

Standing in front of the Orbiter Processing Facility #3 during the
Open House at KSC. In the background, one can see the Shuttle
Columbia being serviced. The view is toward the rear of the Shuttle.
The white object at the top is the rudder in the brake position.
The large open circles below the rudder are the locations where
the main engines will be reinstalled. Full size

Cruise to the Grand Bahamas

We took a short three day cruise to the island of Grand Bahamas with the Cape Canaveral Cruise line on the 500 foot boat Dolphin IV on the 19th of October 1998.

We hit an iceberg in the Caribean!! Just kidding.
This is the mandatory life vest and life boat drill.
The fellow in the background was our guide, the
number 6 is our lifeboat number.

The cruise ship Dolphin IV in the port of Freeport, Grand Bahamas.Full size

At the dinner during the final night on the cruise.
Christopher was asleep at the time, but note that 'Rexy' represented
him in the picture (standing next to Agnes on the table). Full size

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