1998 Family Florida Trip, continued

Outside the park

Christopher's favorite past time:trains.

The children's room in the condo at Florida.

The nightly homework for Stephanie
to keep up with her schooling.

Christopher wearing the same Benetton hat that Stephanie
used to wear. Isn't he cute (by the way, when he says the word
'cute', he pronounces it 'toot').

Don't adjust your set, this building housing
'Ripley's believe it or not' is tilted.

With 'Astro' a little turtle that was
found on the Kennedy Space Center.

With a bird in the free flight exhibit.

Feeding corn to a tame bird.

Two birds jumped into Agnes' hair to her delight.

Posing in the free flight exhibit.

A Cockatoo that thinks Agnes' shirt button is a snack.

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